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Webinar: The Rise of CRM in Higher Ed

A Quarterly Tambellini Analyst-Client Roundtable

The Rise of CRM in Higher Ed: How Enterprise CRM and Advancement CRM Tools are Changing the Student and Alumni Experience

Tuesday, June 26
1:00–2:00 p.m. EST

Join us for a panel discussion about customer relationship management (CRM). We will kick off the conversation with CRM trends happening at institutions across the country and explore CRM benchmarking data. We will dig into our newest research on CRM and invite your questions and comments. The panel will be moderated by Katelyn Ilkani, and panel participants will include Vicki Tambellini, Mary Beth Cahill, and a surprise guest speaker who recently underwent a CRM implementation.

Example questions this webinar will answer:

  • Why are more and more institutions adopting an enterprise or advancement CRM?
  • How does this differ by size and type of institution?
  • Which vendors are serving higher education and how well are they executing?

Have specific CRM questions you want us to address? Send them to Alex Freeman before June 26.

Why join:

Do you want to hear from your peers about their CRM strategies and learn from Tambellini’s extensive research in this area? Are you considering an enterprise or advancement CRM project in the next 18 months? Then this webinar is for you! We plan on an active debate, and we encourage your lively participation!

Panel participants:

Vicki Tambellini photo
Vicki Tambellini
President & CEO
MaMary Beth Cahill photo
Mary Beth Cahill
VP of Research

Reserve your seat for this informative webinar.

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