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Dave Kieffer

Vice President, Research, Large Enterprise Systems

Dave Kieffer is responsible for directing research focused on R1, R2, and large public institutions and their strategic decisions around student, finance, and HCM systems. Mr. Kieffer joined Tambellini in 2019 after more than 30 years of creating, implementing, and managing enterprise-class applications in higher education. His experience includes all levels of applications development and management in higher education. Among other things, he has been responsible for ERP implementations, mobile and web development, application architecture, and integration technologies.

Serving in various positions at The Ohio State University, including Associate Vice President for Administrative Applications, Mr. Kieffer is a leader in technology for higher education and has served on executive advisory committees for vendors and partners. He has also led and participated in the higher education community’s vast collaborative opportunities. He is dedicated to higher education, leveraging great technology to improve the experience and outcomes for students, faculty staff, and administrators by advocating for great architecture, functionality, and accessibility of enterprise-class technology.

Mr. Kieffer is a regular speaker and panelist at national and regional conferences.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science in engineering from The Ohio State University.