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Karen Boudreau-Shea

Research Director, Student Success

In the role of Research Director for Student Success, Karen Boudreau-Shea works with institutions and vendors to identify and align student success solutions across the higher education marketplace. This includes the entire student life cycle from first contact to employment and every step along the way. As higher education evolves with more collaboration, communication, and personalization, student success is at the heart of these changes and will drive the outcomes.

In addition to focusing on student success, Ms. Boudreau-Shea also works to expand Tambellini membership to an increasing number of community colleges and systems. In her seven years with CampusWorks, Inc. as a Senior Director, she drove the organization and growth of an Assessment and Optimization practice, which was focused on enhancing the use of technology to enable higher education. She also worked with over 30 community colleges across the country, helping them to direct the strengths of technology toward the holistic student experience and overall institutional effectiveness.

Ms. Boudreau-Shea also spent almost 10 years as a CIO, transforming the use of information technology at Lesley University. There, she assessed the needs of their off-campus division and lead the transformation to an enterprise IT operation that was fully integrated and drove efficiencies across the organization—from automating access to dorms and rooms to integrating the various relationships (student, faculty, staff, alumni) across the university.

Ms. Boudreau-Shea demonstrates a great passion for education, high-quality student experiences, and overall institutional efficiency. As an accountant, analyst, and businessperson, she possesses the focus to help Tambellini member institutions and vendors understand the continually evolving higher education needs, and she works collaboratively with all to continue to transform education with the effective use of technology.

Ms. Boudreau-Shea holds a BBA in accounting and information technology from University of Massachusetts Amherst and is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Information Technology Professional.