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Karen Boudreau-Shea

Strategic Advisor

Karen Boudreau-Shea is a Strategic Advisor for The Tambellini Group. She is a business, operations, and information technology executive with over 30 years of experience. Ms. Boudreau-Shea focuses on all areas impacting student success, including researching ERP vendors, LMS vendors, and newly identified student success vendors with a suite of offerings across the student life cycle.

Ms. Boudreau-Shea started her career as a CPA and earned a Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) certification from the AICPA. She held the CIO position in higher education for over nine years, where she was responsible for all IT strategy and operations. She has a proven ability to align organizational strategies, business processes, and technology to streamline the operations of higher education organizations to meet business goals and aspirations.

Ms. Boudreau-Shea holds a BBA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.