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2022 Student Analytics Platform Product Profile Series: HelioCampus

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The Tambellini Group is pleased to release its 2022 Student Analytics Platform Product Profile Series: HelioCampus. A platform-as-a-service suite of products and data services, HelioCampus is designed to accelerate analytics through a high-performance cloud-native platform, prebuilt data models, and data visualizations. Its flagship product, the Data Analytics platform, offers analytics information in a number of areas including enrollment management, instructional design, scenario planning and more. Read this research to learn more about HelioCampus’ student analytic platform, deployment options, and things institutions should consider.


  • Vendor in Focus: HelioCampus
  • Software Category in Focus: Student Analytics
  • Author: Paul O’Brien, Analyst, Tambellini Group
  • Research Availability: December 2022

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