Tambellini StarChart: 2024 Advising and Degree Planning

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Building on more than 20 years of research, this Tambellini StarChart™ provides higher education institutions with a way to visually navigate advising and degree planning solutions through the lens of usability and innovation. The advising and degree planning StarChart is part of a Student Success StarChart series with future publications covering student engagement, chatbots, and career services. StarCharts are part of Tambellini’s multifaceted approach to helping institutions identify the best-fit technology solutions for their needs.


  • Vendor in Focus: Anthology, Civitas Learning, CollegeSource, Conclusive Systems, Education Advisory Board (EAB), EduNav, Ellucian, Salesforce, Stellic, Technolutions
  • Software Category in Focus: Advising, Degree Planning, and Retention; Advising, Degree Planning, and Retention CRM
  • Author: Mary Beth Cahill, Senior Analyst, and Matt Winn, Senior Analyst, Tambellini Group
  • Research Availability: March 2024

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