Five Things Higher Ed Leaders Should Know About CRMs 

Top of Mind: Five Things Higher Ed Leaders Should Know About CRMs

In the last decade, constituent relationship management (CRM) has grown exponentially in both capability and user adoption across higher education. The market is progressing from primarily departmental to enterprise CRM, which requires deeper forethought for institutions, especially during selection and implementation. Higher education leaders considering a shift in their campus CRM strategy should keep the […]

Watermark Acquires Aviso Retention

Top of Mind: Watermark Acquires Aviso Retention

Last week Watermark announced its latest acquisition, Aviso Retention, a student success solution that supports case management, predictive analytics, early alerts, and student notifications to mitigate risks to retention. At first glance, this announcement does not indicate a new strategy for Watermark. The company has consistently grown through acquisition. It began as the merger of […]