Five Trends on Leading LMS Vendor Roadmaps

Top of Mind: Five Trends on Leading LMS Vendor Roadmaps

Three leading learning management system (LMS) vendors hosted user conferences within two weeks of each other last month. Anthology (Blackboard Learn) and D2L (Brightspace) offered in-person and hybrid events, while Instructure (Canvas) maintained the single-day virtual format it introduced at the beginning of the pandemic. The tight timing across the three events allowed for an […]

A Look Back at the Most Read Resources for Higher Education Leaders

Top of Mind: A Look Back at the Most Read Resources for Higher Education Leaders

As the summer draws to a close and institutions and their staff prepare for a new semester, Tambellini Group looks back at the research topics and resources that were the most interesting to IT leaders in higher education for the first half of the year. With modern cloud system selections on the rise in finance, […]

Anthology Together 2022: The Spectacle of Promise and the Desire to Believe

Top of Mind: Anthology Together 2022

Anthology Together, the joint conference of EdTech’s power couple Anthology and Blackboard, took place in Orlando several weeks ago. For Anthology and Blackboard customers who have waited through significant product delays and support challenges over the last few years, Anthology’s energetic messaging and early evidence of success are an important step forward. Attendees were collectively […]

Four Student Selection Trends for US Higher Education

Top of Mind: Four Student Selection Trends for US Higher Education

The Tambellini Group has followed global and US higher education student system selections for more than 20 years. In June 2022, Tambellini released its 14th annual Student Systems US Higher Education Market Share, Trends, and Leaders Report. Tambellini tracks selection activity in the market because it is most helpful to institutional buyers who want to […]

Tambellini’s Higher Education Summit Series: Student Systems

Higher Education Summit Series Student Systems

Built on the principle of “service first,” Tambellini Group’s Higher Education Summit Series is a premier series of events designed to bring together the top minds in higher education all in one place. The first Summit in our series, Student Systems, features top product strategy and development executives in the student systems market. Hear these […]

The Anthology and Blackboard Merger

Top of Mind: The Anthology and Blackboard Merger

On September 10, 2021, Anthology and Blackboard signed a definitive agreement to merge, creating the most comprehensive ecosystem across academic, administrative, and student engagement applications to date. The subsequent press release outlined most of the agreement’s public details, including: Current Anthology Chairman and CEO Jim Milton will serve as Chairman and CEO of the combined company.  Anthology investors Veritas Capital and Leeds […]