Record, Don’t Store: Advice for IT Leaders on Classroom Lecture Capture

Top of Mind: Advice for IT Leaders on Classroom Lecture Capture

As more faculty are recording and uploading every class lecture, IT leaders must advocate for quality over quantity—or face the consequences A year after higher education pivoted to remote instruction, video learning remains at the forefront of teaching and learning. The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published an advice piece in which the professor-author describes […]

Letting Go of Lecture Capture

Top of Mind: Letting Go of Lecture Capture

When Teaching and Technology Evolve, the Naming Conventions Must Too “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” —William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare notwithstanding, we know that names matter. Research indicates that a person’s name can influence life choices, career success, and possibly physical […]

Hybrid Is Not the New Normal

Top of Mind: Hybrid is not the New Normal

This winter, I’ve been struck by how often I’ve heard that “hybrid is the new normal” for higher education.[1] EdTech vendor briefings are a common source, typically in the context of new or improved synchronous learning technology. Industry tends to define hybrid more broadly than institutions to include formal and informal combinations of asynchronous, synchronous, […]