The Future of Recruitment and Admissions CRM

Top of Mind: The Future of Recruitment and Admissions CRM

While Tambellini research shows that approximately 70 percent of US higher education institutions have either selected a leading recruitment and admissions (R&A) CRM packaged application or developed their own custom CRM application (primarily R1 and R2 institutions), the mostly mature offerings in this space continue to innovate and broaden their functionality to maximize their impact […]

Tambellini’s Key Takeaways from Oracle CloudWorld 2022

Top of Mind: Tambellini’s Key Takeaways from Oracle CloudWorld 2022

For the first time since 2019, Oracle held its CloudWorld user conference live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thousands of attendees met both in person and remotely to learn about the company’s strategic vision and latest announcements. While this year’s conference was notably smaller than those of previous years, with a more intimate feel, it was […]

Of Digital Transformation and Aristotle

Top of Mind: Of Digital Transformation and Aristotle

My thinking about the concept of Digital Transformation (DX) has evolved over the past few years. As a skeptic, I viewed the DX as just another buzzword, the use of which we would have to endure until it became embarrassing to do so publicly. As a theorist, I worked with others to understand, unpack, and […]

Process Automation in Higher Ed: Hype or Reality?

Top of MInd: Process Automation in Higher Ed

Hype. Whether scrolling through Twitter, LinkedIn, or your email, you cannot escape the hype around low code and robotic process automation (RPA). So, as you hear the hype, you may be inclined to read a little, then continue to scroll past it, given everything else on your plate. We’ve always dealt with the latest hyped […]

Administrative Systems in the Short and Long Term

Top of Mind: Administrative Systems in the Short and Long Term

Co-Columnist: Dave Kieffer, Vice President, Research, Large Enterprise Systems, The Tambellini Group Requirements for administrative computing systems have changed in the last decade. Students, faculty, and staff now need the ability to easily and intuitively perform tasks and to view information on any device, at any time, from any location. Administrative offices need efficiency in […]

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