The Role of the Chief Transformation Officer

Top of Mind Podcast: The Role of the Chief Transformation Officer

What does a Chief Transformation Officer do? This leadership position can take on many forms depending on the institution, but one thing is for sure: it is never strictly about “technology.” In this Top of Mind episode, Kristophyre McCall, chief transformation officer for University of Maryland Global Campus, sits down with us to talk about […]

Cloudy Judgement

I’ll admit it: my judgement is cloudy. And while it is getting a little cloudier every day, I can clearly remember when that wasn’t the case. I’ve been in higher education IT long enough to recall a time when technology procurement decisions, be it for software or hardware, were made by talking to the relatively […]

Integrations—For CIOs, CFOs, and other CxOs

Integration—such a techy topic! Is it as simple as “those systems should talk to each other”? Of course not—but the ideas behind it are not as mystifying as they might seem. The concept and operations are as critical to your business as the complexities of internet marketing and social media. As enterprise-class systems move to […]