Is a COVID-19 Pivot Needed in Higher Education (and For Those Who Serve It)?

Top of MInd: Newsworthy for Higher Ed

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few weeks thinking about what, if any, long-term impact the COVID-19 experience will have on our lives and expectations, broadly, and on higher education, specifically. I suspect many of us have. How long will this pandemic continue? Will we return to ‘normal’ at some point, or […]

#DearVendor: Those Cold Calls, Though

Top of MInd: Newsworthy for Higher Ed

A couple of weeks ago, I had plans to write about cold calls as my next #DearVendor post. Then COVID-19 hit and those plans—and seemingly all plans—flew right out the window. So I turned my attention instead to writing about how technology companies could best support their higher education constituents during this unprecedented time (see […]

Managing Change within IT Transformation

Top of Mind: Managing Change within IT Transformation

In this Top of Mind, Tambellini focuses on transitioning people, processes, groups, departments and the institution to new ways of working and serving constituents successfully. After reading, you should feel confident about the definition of change management, when to think about change management, resources to help institutions, and the goals of change management. As part […]