Promoting Student Success With Digital Transformation

Top of Mind: Promoting Student Success With Digital Transformation

Digital transformation (Dx) is a relatively new and somewhat fraught concept for higher education. Dx in higher education leverages technological innovation to produce shifts in the institutional culture and workforce to generate operational efficiencies, realize cost savings, and improve the institutional value proposition. Despite the potential benefits, higher education institutions are finding it difficult to […]

Microcredentials as Catalysts for Change

Top of Mind: Microcredentials as Catalysts for Change

As I have stated elsewhere, I like to think of myself as something of a skeptic. The healthy skepticism I aim to practice is governed by years of academic training and research and informed by years of professional experience in higher education information technology. Skepticism avoids the pitfalls of black-and-white thinking that technology will either […]

The Futures of Continuing Education

Top of Mind: The Futures of Continuing Education

Continuing education is experiencing something of a renaissance. In the years immediately preceding the pandemic, continuing education programs were already seeing significant growth as corporate demand for workforce training, certifications, skills development, and specialization increased. Although higher education enrollments experienced significant declines, especially among community colleges, interest in and demand for continuing education did not […]

Of Digital Transformation and Aristotle

Top of Mind: Of Digital Transformation and Aristotle

My thinking about the concept of Digital Transformation (DX) has evolved over the past few years. As a skeptic, I viewed the DX as just another buzzword, the use of which we would have to endure until it became embarrassing to do so publicly. As a theorist, I worked with others to understand, unpack, and […]

Introducing D. Christopher Brooks, PhD, Tambellini Analyst

Introducing D. Christopher Brooks

My first writing assignment for the Tambellini Group is to introduce myself to the member community. I wanted to avoid writing a standard, linear narrative about my credentials, professional experience, accomplishments, and interests. Those things are documented on LinkedIn and Twitter. My colleague, Laura Gogia, suggested that I have some fun with the assignment. So, […]

Tambellini Takeaways: 2021 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

Top of Mind: Tambellini Takeaways from 2021 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

The 2021 EDUCAUSE annual conference was held in Philadelphia last week. There were far fewer attendees than usual because of the pandemic, and the small numbers moving through the convention center created an eerie but also intimate effect. Long conversations, deep reflections, hard questions, and honest responses were the norm. These engagements led to our […]