Why Is Change So Hard for Higher Education?

Top of Mind: Why Is Change So Hard for Higher Education?

I have heard this question for decades. Why can’t higher ed modernize, become more efficient, or run more like a business? Higher education requires significant change to succeed in the coming decades. However, unlike many other industries, because of its collaborative and collegial structure, significant change cannot usually be mandated. So, it is important to […]

Process Automation in Higher Ed: Hype or Reality?

Top of MInd: Process Automation in Higher Ed

Hype. Whether scrolling through Twitter, LinkedIn, or your email, you cannot escape the hype around low code and robotic process automation (RPA). So, as you hear the hype, you may be inclined to read a little, then continue to scroll past it, given everything else on your plate. We’ve always dealt with the latest hyped […]