What Advancement Leadership and CIOs Should Know About Modern Advancement CRM Systems

Top of Mind: What Advancement Leadership and CIOs Should Know About Modern Advancement CRM Systems

A tremendous number of higher education institutions have upgraded their advancement CRMs in the last two years, migrating away from legacy systems of 20 or more years. A key factor precipitating this flux of activity is that several widely used legacy advancement systems have been sunset. Another even more causative factor is the inability of […]

5 Key Themes for the Enterprise CRM Journey

Top of Mind: 5 Key Themes for the Enterprise CRM Journey

In the early days of constituent relationships management (CRM), most use cases were highly departmentalized and served a single function. Recruitment and Admissions CRMs and Service Management CRMs (i.e., IT helpdesk) were among the most popular implementations. However, Tambellini’s research shows a mindset shift toward the bigger picture in higher education. Enterprise CRMs (ECRMs) are […]

Five Things Higher Ed Leaders Should Know About CRMs 

Top of Mind: Five Things Higher Ed Leaders Should Know About CRMs

In the last decade, constituent relationship management (CRM) has grown exponentially in both capability and user adoption across higher education. The market is progressing from primarily departmental to enterprise CRM, which requires deeper forethought for institutions, especially during selection and implementation. Higher education leaders considering a shift in their campus CRM strategy should keep the […]

Making the Case Webinar: Enterprise CRM

Enterprise CRM Featured Image

Higher education institutions are looking to Enterprise CRM systems to solve horizontal issues, such as marketing, engagement, communications, and service. Tambellini research shows that over the last 12-18 months, institutions are increasing their emphasis on student engagement, service, and marketing, to drive immediate value through consistent business models and holistic user experiences. Join Tambellini’s Mary […]

Enterprise CRM: Should I Care?

Top of Mind: Enterprise CRM — Should I Care?

Summary In higher education, CRM technology has traditionally been scattered across multiple functional areas for multiple purposes. For a few institutions, looking at CRM more holistically has become an imperative. Why? Should you take this approach? It is not right for every campus, as it can cause unnecessary complications. But for some institutions, the alignment […]

Enterprise CRM for Higher Education: Part 1 – Architecture

Top of Mind: Enterprise CRM for Higher Education Part 1

While most institutions have invested in at least one departmental CRM solution, higher education is seeing a growing trend of institutions taking a more holistic approach and deploying CRM applications across enterprises. This movement is gaining momentum as the demand for higher education to optimize its relationships and engagement with its constituents continues to increase, […]