SAP Sapphire Touts AI and Green Ledger

Top of Mind: SAP Sapphire Touts AI and Green Ledger

On May 16 and 17, I attended the 2023 SAP Sapphire conference virtually. Held in person in Orlando, the conference and analyst sessions were very focused on two strategic areas of focus for SAP: artificial intelligence (AI) and SAP’s Green Ledger, which allows organizations to account for ESG (environmental, social, and governance) goals through increasingly […]

The Magic of Hyperautomation

Top of Mind Podcast: The Magic of Hyperautomation

To realize the benefits of hyperautomation, the University of South Florida (USF) identified three crucial factors for success: an agile mindset, investing with the right partners, and a willingness to experiment with new technologies. Alice Wei, Assistant Vice President of Digital Transformation and Innovation at USF, joins the Top of Mind family this month to […]

The Technology ‘Taste Test’

Top of Mind Podcast: The Technology ‘Taste Test’

Oral Roberts University (ORU) has one technological focus: to be the best campus for 21st-century students. Why? Because the student is worth it. Michael Mathews, CIO and Vice President of Global Learning and Innovation at ORU, joins the October episode of Tambellini Group’s Top of Mind podcast series to share how he made his dreams […]

Financial Aid Needs More IT Support

Top of Mind: Financial Aid Needs More IT Support

It is no secret that financial aid is foundational to the relationship between an institution and students. Financial aid packages are one of the core factors that students and families use when deciding where to enroll. In today’s increasingly competitive enrollment environment, institutions face even more pressure to elevate the student financial aid experience and […]

From NASA to Academe: Serving the Mission as CIO

Top of Mind Podcast: From NASA to Academe - Serving the Mission as CIO

“Whether it’s at NASA or a university system level job, a CIO wants to be able to expand the scope of our technology and systems to impact the largest number of people.” In this month’s Top of Mind Podcast, host Elizabeth Farrell is joined by the Vice President of Information Technology Services and Chief Information […]

Resource Constraints? Student System Modernization Is Still Possible

Top of Mind: Resource Constraints? Student System Modernization Is Still Possible

Now, more than ever, institutions are aware of the potential shortcomings in aging student systems. While some institutions made moves to modernize before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the last few years have been focused on adjusting to new demands as the situation evolves. As higher education continues to recover from the pandemic impacts, […]

Establishing a Data Management Program

Top of Mind: Establishing a Data Management Program

Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries Tambellini analysts are receiving about data management, I want to resurface this blog post that I wrote last June. It starts by outlining the benefits of a full data management program. CTOs, CIOs, and other IT leaders tell us that getting clear on these benefits helps them explain […]

Four Technologies Higher Ed Apps Leaders Should be Investing in for 2021

Top of Mind: Four Technologies Higher Ed Apps Leaders Should be Investing in for 2021

So, 2020 did not go as we expected—in really any facet of our personal or professional lives. Our plans were derailed, so planning for 2021 is even more daunting than our normal annual planning. Should we just extend our 2020 plans? Or start over with what we’ve learned this year? What can we expect to […]

Administrative Systems Planning Checklist Infographic

Top of Mind Infographic: Administrative Systems Planning Checklist

Legacy, on-premises administrative systems are approaching their end of life and do not provide the expected user experience. Software vendors have invested heavily in developing higher education cloud products and have delivered or are on track to provide mature, modern cloud software-as-a-service solutions for finance, HCM, and student systems. While it may not be feasible […]

Finance, HCM, and Student System Planning in the COVID-19 Era

Top of Mind: Finance, HCM, and Student System Planning in the COVID-19 Era

Where does the move to cloud administrative systems fit into your strategic plan? How has the COVID-19 crisis changed your plans? Will you adopt a cloud administrative system sooner or later? As with all industries, higher education has been experiencing a rapid rate of technological change and has responded in varying degrees. Software vendors have […]

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