The Top 20 (x3) Tambellini Resources from 2021

Top of Mind: The Top 20 (x3) Tambellini Resources from 2021

Each year, Tambellini Group delivers expert research and resources relevant to CIOs and IT leaders in higher education. As 2021 comes to an end, Tambellini Group is grateful for another successful year. However, success would not be possible without you, our members. With current and prospective members in mind, we’ve highlighted our top 20 resources […]

Tips from a CEO: Why Analyst Firms Can Be a CIO’s Most Valuable Resource

Top of Mind: Making the Right Call and Maximizing ROI

In her 20 years as CEO of The Tambellini Group, Vicki Tambellini has advised technology leaders from hundreds of colleges and universities across North America on projects large, small, and everywhere in between. Read her advice on how analyst firms help CIOs and executives make the right decisions to achieve their desired outcomes. 

AI Provides a Very Human Touch to the Higher Education User Experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) is attracting a lot of interest within higher education, so The Tambellini Group has a series of AI-related reports, vendor profiles, case studies, podcasts, and functional comparison infographics scheduled for 2019. AI assistants and chatbots are two areas within AI that you are probably hearing more about. Chances are you have interacted […]

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