Making the Case Webinar: Budget & Planning Tools

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Many higher ed institutions rely on custom databases and software or spreadsheets to perform their budget and planning activities. Even before COVID-19 turned institutions’ annual planning exercises into a weekly exercise, institutions looked to modern tools to streamline and broaden budget and planning efforts. In this webinar, Alanna Cajthaml Chief Financial Officer and Vice President […]

Webinar: The Cloud Tipping Point

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The “Cloud Tipping Point” comes when a critical mass of the technology used by an institution is made up of cloud services. CEO Vicki Tambellini, and analyst Dave Kieffer explain what is required to be successful in transitioning to the tipping point and the positive impact and cumulative effects on an institution once it gets […]

Making the Case Webinar: AI Chatbots

Making the Case for AI Chatbots October 14, 2010

The use of AI chatbots in higher education has increased significantly over the past year, as colleges and universities continue to look for ways that technology can enhance the student experience, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs. Tambellini research shows that 15 percent of North American higher education institutions will have adopted at least one […]

Cambridge Analytica and the University of Cambridge

In his recent testimony before the U.S. Congress, Facebook CEO Marc Zuckerberg intimated that the University of Cambridge carried some blame for the Cambridge Analytica blunder. As he told New York congressman Eliot Engel (D): “So we need to understand whether there is something bad going on at the University of Cambridge overall that will […]

What Makes an ERP Early Adopter?

We are in an awkward place with our ERP systems in higher education. The three big players (Oracle, Workday, and Ellucian Banner) have not completely gotten their product lines ready for the cloud. All will likely get there in the next year or two, and the landscape will change, or at least become clearer. Banner […]

Integrations—For CIOs, CFOs, and other CxOs

Integration—such a techy topic! Is it as simple as “those systems should talk to each other”? Of course not—but the ideas behind it are not as mystifying as they might seem. The concept and operations are as critical to your business as the complexities of internet marketing and social media. As enterprise-class systems move to […]

The Case for SIS Prudence and Balanced Expectations

Getting the Most from Campus Technology It has been about 20 years since the heyday of campus leaders getting excited about student information systems (SIS) on campus. Over this same period of time, enrollments reached their peak, leveled out, and even dropped off this past year for about 70 percent of all campuses. When the […]