The Rise of the “Next Normal”: A Three-Pronged Approach for Higher Education IT Leaders

Top of Mind: The Rise of the “Next Normal”

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced higher education institutions to change quickly, and potentially for good. It has shown that colleges and universities can do what was previously unimaginable—enable an entirely remote academic and administrative environment and do it within a matter of weeks. The unyielding constraints of a global health crisis have forced institutions to […]

A Successful Solution to Get Students into the Classroom

Top of Mind: Successful Solution to Get Students into the Classroom

In information technology we have plenty on our plates: constant change, doing more with less, security, risk management, compliance, project governance, data governance, and operational excellence, to name a few. Our heads often are spinning in the clouds with all that we face, and we can quickly be blinded by all the challenges in front […]

Supercharging Student Success

Top on Mind Podcast: Supercharging Students' Success

It’s true that graduating from a university or college is an undeniable accomplishment. But, Oral Roberts University (ORU) has a longer-term vision and plants the seed for success to reach beyond commencement day through its student success program. While working with many stakeholders, ORU’s Dr. Kathaleen Reid-Martinez, Provost, and Mike Mathews, Vice President of Technology […]