The First “Digital Only” Admissions Cycle (Part 4)

Part 4: Prioritizing and Personalizing for Interested and Accepted Students For many high school seniors, there’s one rite of passage that is likely to proceed as scheduled: the bulk of college admissions decisions will come in the spring. And spring is­­ coming soon. Part 1 of this blog series focused on the challenges admissions teams […]

The First “Digital Only” Admissions Cycle (Part 2)

Top of Mind: The First “Digital Only” Admissions Cycle Part 2

Part 2: Finding and Filling the “Top of the Funnel” All but the most elite and well-resourced institutions of higher education have long been facing strong competitive pressures, and enrollment is not immune. In part 1 of this four-part blog series, I outlined how demographic trends, skepticism about the value of a postsecondary degree, and […]