Workday Rising 2022

Top of Mind: Workday Rising 2022

This year saw the return of the in-person Workday Rising event held in Orlando, Florida. Many new Workday innovations were revealed during the event, with arguably none more significant than Workday’s announcement of its intent to expand its partner ecosystem by leveraging Workday Extend enhancements to create, share, and productize Workday apps. The expansion of […]

iPaaS in Higher Education: An Nascent Market

Top of Mind: iPaaS in Higher Education

What’s The Problem? Higher education often lags behind other industries in the adoption of new technology. There are multiple reasons for the lag: Technical investment is difficult to justify to institutional leaders without significant research. Time to implement new core technologies is limited, and delivering new functionality is preferred. Changing how we work is difficult […]

How Higher Ed CIOs Can Leverage Cloud Service Providers for Strategic Gain

Top of Mind: How Higher Ed CIOs Can Leverage Cloud Service Providers for Strategic Gain

For some time, we have been talking about the trend of developing new commercial applications almost entirely in the cloud. Companies either host their older application code in the cloud or build cloud-native SaaS applications (or both in some cases). Higher education institutions have begun migrating to these new cloud applications, as have most industries, […]

Process Automation in Higher Ed: Hype or Reality?

Top of MInd: Process Automation in Higher Ed

Hype. Whether scrolling through Twitter, LinkedIn, or your email, you cannot escape the hype around low code and robotic process automation (RPA). So, as you hear the hype, you may be inclined to read a little, then continue to scroll past it, given everything else on your plate. We’ve always dealt with the latest hyped […]

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