Building a Remote Team

Top of Mind Podcast: Building a Remote Team

Over the past year, admissions leaders have worked hard to maintain a positive, collaborative culture in a remote environment. Lukman Arsalan, Dean of Admission at Franklin and Marshall College, speaks with host Katelyn Ilkani about creating a top-notch remote employee experience. Arsalan has taken a newly created position at the college and was hired during […]

The First “Digital Only” Admissions Cycle (Part 4)

Part 4: Prioritizing and Personalizing for Interested and Accepted Students For many high school seniors, there’s one rite of passage that is likely to proceed as scheduled: the bulk of college admissions decisions will come in the spring. And spring is­­ coming soon. Part 1 of this blog series focused on the challenges admissions teams […]

The First “Digital Only” Admissions Cycle (Part 3)

Top of Mind: The First “Digital Only” Admissions Cycle Part 3

Part 3: Collaborating in the Hunt for Hard-to-Find Applicants For enrollment leaders, the silver lining to this tumultuous year is that it created room for them to experiment and try out new strategies and technology tools, as we noted in Part 1 of this blog series: Early Hurdles and Predictions. Admissions staff could no longer […]

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