When Numbers Aren’t Enough: The Powerful Combination of Data and Market Expertise

Top of Mind: When Numbers Aren't Enough

Finding information on the higher education technology market can be challenging. It often takes hours to find data and even more hours to draw meaningful conclusions. And while those conclusions can be beneficial to institutional leaders, many times, the numbers just aren’t enough. Mining Public Information vs. Investing in a Research Team When institutions are […]

Promoting Student Success With Digital Transformation

Top of Mind: Promoting Student Success With Digital Transformation

Digital transformation (Dx) is a relatively new and somewhat fraught concept for higher education. Dx in higher education leverages technological innovation to produce shifts in the institutional culture and workforce to generate operational efficiencies, realize cost savings, and improve the institutional value proposition. Despite the potential benefits, higher education institutions are finding it difficult to […]

Modo Labs Acquires RojoServe

Top of Mind: Modo Labs Acquires RojoServe

On January 18, low-code app building platform Modo Labs announced its acquisition of integration company RojoServe. The purchase comes several months after the companies partnered to create XCampus, a modern integration solution allowing Modo Campus Apps to integrate with Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solutions student information system. Students using these products can now access their registration […]

Administrative Systems Planning Checklist Infographic

Top of Mind Infographic: Administrative Systems Planning Checklist

Legacy, on-premises administrative systems are approaching their end of life and do not provide the expected user experience. Software vendors have invested heavily in developing higher education cloud products and have delivered or are on track to provide mature, modern cloud software-as-a-service solutions for finance, HCM, and student systems. While it may not be feasible […]

Finance, HCM, and Student System Planning in the COVID-19 Era

Top of Mind: Finance, HCM, and Student System Planning in the COVID-19 Era

Where does the move to cloud administrative systems fit into your strategic plan? How has the COVID-19 crisis changed your plans? Will you adopt a cloud administrative system sooner or later? As with all industries, higher education has been experiencing a rapid rate of technological change and has responded in varying degrees. Software vendors have […]

Administrative Systems in the Short and Long Term

Top of Mind: Administrative Systems in the Short and Long Term

Co-Columnist: Dave Kieffer, Vice President, Research, Large Enterprise Systems, The Tambellini Group Requirements for administrative computing systems have changed in the last decade. Students, faculty, and staff now need the ability to easily and intuitively perform tasks and to view information on any device, at any time, from any location. Administrative offices need efficiency in […]