Tambellini Takeaways: 2022 Syntellis Summit

Top of Mind: Tambellini Takeaways 2022 Syntellis Summit

Syntellis Performance Solutions offers financial planning solutions across several verticals, including healthcare, financial institutions, and higher education. The company held its annual Syntellis Summit in mid-May 2022. An entirely virtual event, Summit 2022 included several panels for higher education users. As higher education institutions face funding challenges and enrollment pressures, financial planning and the tools […]

Student System Features Higher Ed CIOs Should Be Considering

Top of Mind: Student System Features Higher Ed CIOs Should Be Considering

As campuses prepare to welcome students back for the fall 2021 term, meeting student needs is more important than ever. COVID-19 highlighted the need for a strong student system with robust features to support all facets of student life, not just record keeping. Tambellini Analyst Dr. Laura Gogia recently shared some student success insights that […]

Establishing a Data Management Program

Top of Mind: Establishing a Data Management Program

Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries Tambellini analysts are receiving about data management, I want to resurface this blog post that I wrote last June. It starts by outlining the benefits of a full data management program. CTOs, CIOs, and other IT leaders tell us that getting clear on these benefits helps them explain […]

Data Management: What An Adventure!

Top of Mind: Data Management Adventure

The longer I work in higher education, the more interesting the adventure! During my time in higher education, we have seen the rise and fall of technology solutions, the expansion and consolidation of vendors, and the adaptability and resiliency of institutions and students. More recently, higher education began to discover the benefits of technology advancements […]

Modernizing Reporting and Analytics

Top of Mind: Modernizing Reporting and Analytics

I have spoken to many institutions about their data management over the past several years. The one question I always ask is “Have your senior leaders ever brought conflicting data or reports to the provost or president?” Without fail, the answer is yes. Why does this happen? And what is the impact when an organization […]