Expanding the Definition of Technology and Student Success

Top of Mind: Expanding the Definition of Technology and Student Success

Student success is to the beginning of this decade what MOOCs were to the beginning of the last one. Talk about student success is inescapable. Legislators, regulatory bodies, journalists, education institutions, technology providers—everyone is talking about student success. There’s no question that student success is also top of mind for higher education technology professionals. Two […]

Student Success: An Expanding Perspective

Top of Mind: 5 Must-Have Open Source Cybersecurity Tools for Higher Education

In the 2017–2018 school year, the average cost of attending a four-year public university for out-of-state students was $40,940.[1] With skepticism about the value of a college degree, increasing costs of attendance, and rapidly growing student debt, higher education institutions are experiencing increasing pressure to demonstrate the value of their programs and likelihood of student success. […]