Understanding SaaS and Cloud Terminology in Higher Education

Top of MInd: Understanding SaaS and Cloud Terminology in Higher Education

Navigating the world of cloud technology and Software as a Service (SaaS) can be confusing, with various terms used to describe the architecture of software solutions. In this blog, I’ll clarify these terms and discuss their implications for institutions investing in these technologies for the long term. Why You Should Care About SaaS and Cloud […]

iPaaS in Higher Education: An Nascent Market

Top of Mind: iPaaS in Higher Education

What’s The Problem? Higher education often lags behind other industries in the adoption of new technology. There are multiple reasons for the lag: Technical investment is difficult to justify to institutional leaders without significant research. Time to implement new core technologies is limited, and delivering new functionality is preferred. Changing how we work is difficult […]

Why Is Modernization Planning Urgent?

Top of Mind: Why Is Modernization Planning Urgent?

Over the last two years, we have heard much about digital transformation (DX) being important to higher education. DX addresses fundamental change in an institution’s approach to delivering on its core mission areas: education, research, and service. (We recently heard wisdom about how to approach it.) Digital transformation, however, is not a goal for every […]

Administrative Systems in the Short and Long Term

Top of Mind: Administrative Systems in the Short and Long Term

Co-Columnist: Dave Kieffer, Vice President, Research, Large Enterprise Systems, The Tambellini Group Requirements for administrative computing systems have changed in the last decade. Students, faculty, and staff now need the ability to easily and intuitively perform tasks and to view information on any device, at any time, from any location. Administrative offices need efficiency in […]

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