3 Trends in Higher Education Student Success and Retention

female college student meeting with an advisor

As higher education institutions face increased enrollment and financial challenges and the looming enrollment cliff, there’s been a renewed and critical focus on what institutions can more directly control—student retention. In the last decade, institutions have been grappling with several student success challenges, including underutilized institutional resources due to lack of engagement, siloed processes across […]

Mergers and Acquisitions in Higher Education

Top of Mind Podcast: Mergers and Acquisitions in Higher Education

The pace of mergers and acquisitions has rapidly accelerated in higher education in recent years as institutions adapt to a changing market. But what happens behind the scenes when two institutions decide to join forces? Northeastern University’s CIO, Cole Camplese knows firsthand from his experience building a unified technology operation for his institution’s recent partnership […]

Strategies for Overcoming IT Hiring Challenges

Top of Mind Podcast: Strategies for Overcoming IT Hiring Challenges

As the Director of Enterprise Software Systems at Montgomery County Community College in Pennsylvania, Mary Beaver is a paragon of success in building and retaining a high-performing IT team. In fact, the CRM system she and her team of MCCC alumni built won Tambellini Group’s 2023 Innovative Technology Team Award. Listen in as Mary takes […]

The Future of Recruitment and Admissions CRM

Top of Mind: The Future of Recruitment and Admissions CRM

While Tambellini research shows that approximately 70 percent of US higher education institutions have either selected a leading recruitment and admissions (R&A) CRM packaged application or developed their own custom CRM application (primarily R1 and R2 institutions), the mostly mature offerings in this space continue to innovate and broaden their functionality to maximize their impact […]

ChatGPT on Campus: How AI Tools Are Changing Teaching and Learning

Top of Mind Podcast: ChatGPT on Campus:

It’s no secret that the adoption of AI tools in higher education is growing by the day, and ChatGPT is leading the pack. Our Top of Mind guest this month, Dr. Lin Lin Lipsmeyer, Chair of the Department of Teaching and Learning at the Simmons School of Education and Human Development at Southern Methodist University, […]

The Magic of Hyperautomation

Top of Mind Podcast: The Magic of Hyperautomation

To realize the benefits of hyperautomation, the University of South Florida (USF) identified three crucial factors for success: an agile mindset, investing with the right partners, and a willingness to experiment with new technologies. Alice Wei, Assistant Vice President of Digital Transformation and Innovation at USF, joins the Top of Mind family this month to […]

The Technology ‘Taste Test’

Top of Mind Podcast: The Technology ‘Taste Test’

Oral Roberts University (ORU) has one technological focus: to be the best campus for 21st-century students. Why? Because the student is worth it. Michael Mathews, CIO and Vice President of Global Learning and Innovation at ORU, joins the October episode of Tambellini Group’s Top of Mind podcast series to share how he made his dreams […]

5 Tambellini Group Top of Mind Podcasts You Can’t Miss

Top of Mind: 5 Tambellini Group Top of Mind Podcasts You Can’t Miss

According to podcasthosting.org, 55% of the US population has listened to a podcast, and 25% of US podcast listeners have a 4-year college degree (vs. 19% of US population). While the audience for podcasts is smaller than other mediums, the benefits for listeners are many—learning directly from experts, cutting down on screentime, and multitasking—to name a […]

Going Fast Without Breaking Things: Balancing the “Need for Speed” with Intentional Digital Transformation Strategy

Top of Mind Podcast: Going Fast Without Breaking Things

How does your institution measure intention? In the September installment of Tambellini Group’s Top of Mind podcast series, Sharon Pitt, CIO and Vice President of Information Technology at the University of Delaware (UD), joins the conversation to offer listeners a glimpse into the intentions behind UD’s growing digital transformation strategy. Sharon highlights UD’s innovative shared […]

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