Best Practices for Overcoming Recruitment Challenges

recruitment professional reviewing prospective students information

Higher education recruitment and admissions professionals faced strong headwinds and a forthcoming enrollment cliff long before the pandemic hit, with National Student Clearinghouse data showing that total postsecondary enrollment declined by nearly 2 million students between 2011 and 2020.  Though institutions were already using a wide array of technology tools to help in their efforts […]

Finding the “Perfect Last” Cloud ERP Investment for Your Institution

The overwhelming majority of US higher education institutions are approaching a critical crossroads with their ERP platforms as deadlines near for them to begin planning for replacing their legacy finance and HCM systems.   Many are replacing these systems with SaaS products since their previous platform providers are likely to announce sunset dates for product […]

Going Beyond Student System Market Leaders Might be Worth the Risk

Top of Mind: Going Beyond Student System Market Leaders Might be Worth the Risk

Evaluating alternatives for cost-conscious institutions Rising costs, dwindling enrollment, and a looming demographic cliff are a recipe for trouble—particularly for smaller institutions that are struggling. While the demand and expectations surrounding technology have increased exponentially in the last few years, opportunities exist for smaller institutions to modernize their technology stack while saving money. Where We […]

Community Discussion Webinar: Higher Education Technology Selection Trends of 2022

Webinar: Higher Education Technology Selection Trends 2022

Need to modernize your student, finance or HCM systems? Or are you concerned that your current platform is aging? Understanding the technology selection trends of 2022 is the best information to build a strong support case for your strategic technology plan. In this free webinar, Tambellini expert Analysts, Mary Beth Cahill and Dave Kieffer will […]

Understanding SaaS and Cloud Terminology in Higher Education

Top of MInd: Understanding SaaS and Cloud Terminology in Higher Education

Navigating the world of cloud technology and Software as a Service (SaaS) can be confusing, with various terms used to describe the architecture of software solutions. In this blog, I’ll clarify these terms and discuss their implications for institutions investing in these technologies for the long term. Why You Should Care About SaaS and Cloud […]

CASE DRIVE 2023: A Critical Forum for Advancement Technology Practitioners

Top of Mind: CASE DRIVE 2023

The annual CASE DRIVE conference convenes higher education advancement practitioners to discuss their daily work and the technology they use to support it. The 2023 event was back in person with a sold-out attendance, and it was energizing to come together to share ideas, discuss issues, brainstorm, and talk to colleagues in a safe environment. […]

iPaaS in Higher Education: An Nascent Market

Top of Mind: iPaaS in Higher Education

What’s The Problem? Higher education often lags behind other industries in the adoption of new technology. There are multiple reasons for the lag: Technical investment is difficult to justify to institutional leaders without significant research. Time to implement new core technologies is limited, and delivering new functionality is preferred. Changing how we work is difficult […]

AWS Imagine Conference Is True to Its Name

Top of Mind: AWS Imagine Conference Is True to Its Name

AWS holds an annual Imagine conference for forward-thinking institutional customers to discuss their strategic AWS successes. The conference is unusual because there is limited conversation about product details. Instead, it focuses on how innovative educators can leverage AWS technology and partnership to change their institutions, the higher education industry, and the world beyond education. In […]

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