A Look Back at the Most Read Resources for Higher Education Leaders

Top of Mind: A Look Back at the Most Read Resources for Higher Education Leaders

As the summer draws to a close and institutions and their staff prepare for a new semester, Tambellini Group looks back at the research topics and resources that were the most interesting to IT leaders in higher education for the first half of the year. With modern cloud system selections on the rise in finance, […]

Anthology Together 2022: The Spectacle of Promise and the Desire to Believe

Top of Mind: Anthology Together 2022

Anthology Together, the joint conference of EdTech’s power couple Anthology and Blackboard, took place in Orlando several weeks ago. For Anthology and Blackboard customers who have waited through significant product delays and support challenges over the last few years, Anthology’s energetic messaging and early evidence of success are an important step forward. Attendees were collectively […]

Modernizing Technology to Eliminate Pain Points for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Top of Mind Podcast: Modernizing Tech to Eliminate Pain for Students, Faculty, and Staff

For this month’s episode, Kathy Lueckeman joins the Top of Mind family. A tech leader within her own right, Kathy most recently served as chief strategy officer at Olivet Nazarene University (ONU). After completely transforming ONU into a modern campus, Kathy is here to give an inside scoop about the cultivation and success of that […]

When Numbers Aren’t Enough: The Powerful Combination of Data and Market Expertise

Top of Mind: When Numbers Aren't Enough

Finding information on the higher education technology market can be challenging. It often takes hours to find data and even more hours to draw meaningful conclusions. And while those conclusions can be beneficial to institutional leaders, many times, the numbers just aren’t enough. Mining Public Information vs. Investing in a Research Team When institutions are […]

Four Student Selection Trends for US Higher Education

Top of Mind: Four Student Selection Trends for US Higher Education

The Tambellini Group has followed global and US higher education student system selections for more than 20 years. In June 2022, Tambellini released its 14th annual Student Systems US Higher Education Market Share, Trends, and Leaders Report. Tambellini tracks selection activity in the market because it is most helpful to institutional buyers who want to […]

Jenzabar Campus Marketplace

Top of Mind: Jenzabar Campus Marketplace

On June 1, 2022, Jenzabar, a leading provider of software and solutions for higher education, announced the release of Campus Marketplace, a non-credit course management platform. Campus Marketplace and the recently acquired Spark451 serve as centerpieces for its newly unveiled The Campus Movement initiative geared toward expanding learning opportunities for enrolled and unenrolled students. Jenzabar’s […]

The Role of the Chief Transformation Officer

Top of Mind Podcast: The Role of the Chief Transformation Officer

What does a Chief Transformation Officer do? This leadership position can take on many forms depending on the institution, but one thing is for sure: it is never strictly about “technology.” In this Top of Mind episode, Kristophyre McCall, chief transformation officer for University of Maryland Global Campus, sits down with us to talk about […]

2022 Student Systems Market Share, Trends, and Leaders Report at a Glance

2022 Finance and HCM Market Trends and Leaders Report video

Guide your institution through vendor selection with the 2022 Student Systems US Higher Education Market Share, Trends, and Leaders Report. Student systems selection trends in higher education Buying trends by institution type and size Vendor market share This year’s report shows higher education’s renewed focus on evaluating and selecting modern student systems and reveals key […]

Women in Tech: Michele Norin, SVP and CIO, Rutgers University

Tambellini's Women in Tech: Michele Norin

Pursuing technology for its future potential, Michele Norin journeyed from programming to applications that led to an MIS degree and being aware of the unique skills she could bring to an organization. Hear how this woman leader in technology and higher education finds the joy in helping students learn and reflects on one of her […]