Trevor Skelton

Areas of Expertise:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs)  
  • Business intelligence 
  • Data science and analytics 
  • Data strategy 
  • Machine learning and statistical modeling 

How Trevor Helps
Tambellini Members:

  • He helps clients make difficult decisions by providing informed recommendations based on data-driven insights and market trends. 
  • He supports Tambellini’s research efforts in the fields of AI, machine learning, and data management as it relates to higher education. 
  • He offers insightful advice on AI strategy and adoption, including trends for the future of AI. 
Trevor Skelton

Trevor Skelton

Analyst; Junior Data Scientist

Roles and Responsibilities 

Trevor Skelton improves the efficiency and effectiveness of Tambellini’s market analysis using data-driven methods and modern artificial intelligence (AI) models. He develops new applications using state-of-the-art techniques, supporting Tambellini’s clients with advanced tools and offerings to propel their innovation efforts. Trevor’s knowledge of machine learning, AI, and data science also allows him to meaningfully contribute to Tambellini’s extensive body of research. 

Professional Background 

Throughout Trevor’s professional career, he has led new technology adoption efforts to enable organizations to reach their goals. While at EdTec, a leading financial consulting firm dedicated exclusively to charter schools, Trevor specialized in cloud financial systems and data analytics. Then, at Intel, he helped improve the performance of benchmark AI models on modern GPU hardware. Collaborating with application engineers, he utilized his expertise in machine learning together with in-house optimization software to drive a more efficient AI testing methodology. Trevor’s breadth of knowledge and experience gives him a unique perspective and informs his passion for enabling organizations to achieve their goals by leveraging modern technology. 

Education & Certifications 

  • MS, Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology 
  • BS, Economics, Arizona State University 

Most Recent Research & Resources:

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