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About us

The Tambellini Group, LLC is the world’s leading market research and advisory firm for higher education executives, organizations and investment firms interested in higher education market research, vendor contract negotiations, and market research and analysis. The Tambellini Group delivers detailed quantitative and qualitative technology research, insight and analysis specifically for higher education and enables informed decisions based on data. Executive level skills and services include strategic advice for executives, market research, contract negotiations with administrative systems technology vendors and service providers, and published thought leadership on business and technology issues.

Specializing in the education technology sector, The Tambellini Group, led by Vicki Tambellini, has delivered unbiased, factual information combined with industry specific insight to technology vendors, educational institutions and not-for-profit organizations since 2001. The organization is made up of a diverse group of professionals who are passionate about helping other people achieve business and personal success.

Our Mission

The Tambellini Group’s mission is to develop and deliver innovative products and services that build transparency between vendors and educational institutions. The Tambellini Group is driven to unite the vendor community with the global education community. We accomplish this by providing unbiased, factual, up-to-date, high quality information and expert insight that reduces the business and legal risks associated with technology purchase decisions, improves vendor-customer relationships and enables breakthrough results for education institutions, not-for-profit organizations and vendors.

Our Statement of Values

The Tambellini Group commits to providing the highest quality services to all members of the higher education technology industry. We pledge to be unbiased and impartial as we serve each client, and to preserve our neutrality, honesty, and integrity in each professional engagement.

Our Leadership

The Tambellini Group founded and led by Vicki Tambellini, is headquartered in Irvington, Virginia.