5 Must-Have Open Source Cybersecurity Tools for Higher Education

When it comes to cybersecurity, higher education has vastly different needs than other types of organizations. From a physical point of view, campuses are comprised of public spaces (areas where literally anyone can go), semi-public spaces (classrooms and faculty offices), and secured areas. At the network layer, the network surface is vast, encompassing everything from […]

Architecting for Security in Higher Education

There’s a saying sometimes attributed to an ancient Japanese proverb (though the origin is most likely apocryphal) stating, “fix the problem, not the blame.” The gist of this is that it’s more important to address an issue than to focus on whose fault it is. There’s wisdom in that—particularly when it comes to cybersecurity. Security […]

Fundamental Steps to Improve Cybersecurity in Higher Education

By now, most CIOs in a higher education context know that cybersecurity is important. Cybersecurity continues to top the list of EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT issues; in fact, 2019 marks the fourth year in a row that this topic is in the pole position. While the specifics have changed slightly—in 2019, for example, “Information Security […]

5 Principles for Selecting Security Training Providers

Top of Mind: 5 Principles for Selecting Security Training Providers

It seems like everybody and their brother is offering security training nowadays: universities are spinning up new programs; technology product vendors are making courses available (both focused on their products and more generic options); industry associations are increasing training offerings (both online and at events); not to mention countless others who are all offering security […]

TLS 1.3: Ask the Hard Questions Now

You ever have that “I wish someone would have told me” moment? I’ll give you an example of what I mean: this winter my snow-blower was out of commission for most of the season (a bummer since I live in NH). It wouldn’t start because, as I learned later, I forgot to clear out the […]