Go Beyond Where Your Servers Are Located

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Top of Mind: Go Beyond Where Your Servers Are Located
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When most of us hear “cloud,” we automatically think about the location of our servers. There are countless resources to help us weigh the cost-savings versus the risks. Even more to guide us in balancing the benefits of budget relief versus limiting our capacity. However, despite the resources at our fingertips, it is still difficult to translate our decisions about the cloud into concrete examples of how we are serving students. For this type of transformation to occur, it takes collective brain power to think, iterate, and share to make it better.

The Tambellini Cloud Transformation Summit, December 4–6, will bring together industry leaders who provide a unique perspective on what it takes to transform an institution. Sessions from institutional leaders allow attendees to get an inside track and learn from those who have already been through the process. Networking opportunities give attendees the ability to ask questions and align around shared interests. And a panel of leading student system vendors gives attendees insights on how solution providers view the higher education market.

As students continue to outpace campus technology changes, transformation is the key to success. Each institution must have a plan for catching up and keeping pace with the students they serve, no matter the students’ entry points, geographical locations, or previous experiences. At the Summit, institutional leaders will focus on the student journey and educate themselves on the level of effort needed to meet students where they are. By combining higher education leaders, leading technology vendors, and real-world examples of transformation, we can find a way to make transformation not only possible but probable.

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Principal Analyst
As President and COO of Tambellini Group, Katelyn Ilkani leads operations across all internal teams. Bringing over 15 years of technology and leadership experience, Katelyn will serve Tambellini’s hundreds of institutional and vendor clients during an era of rapid evolution in the higher education technology market. Career highlights include time in leadership at IBM and Accenture, as well as building her cyber security start-up.

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