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The Unfulfilled Promise of CRM

As institutions strive to deliver more personalized education, the conversations around meeting student needs, empowering constituents, and providing a path to success continue to evolve. There are stark differences in the approach institutions can take to build a lifetime engagement strategy.

Tambellini’s research has shown that student success, employment opportunities, and career outcomes are positively impacted as institutions strive to meet learners where they are in their educational journey. For years, CRM solutions have promised that they can fulfill the needs of each institution and its constituents.

About the Tambellini Higher Education Summit Series

Built on the principle of “service first,” Tambellini Group’s Higher Education Summit Series is a premier series of events designed to bring together the top minds in higher education all in one place. The series will feature executives in leadership, product management, and strategy from market-leading vendors and answer the top-of-mind questions from today’s institutional leaders. As the most trusted analyst and advisory firm exclusively serving higher education, Tambellini Group is pleased to bring competing solution providers together in a single event and on the same virtual stage to advance higher education.