Highlights from the 2024 Salesforce Education Summit

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Salesforce Education Summit 2024
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The 2024 Salesforce Education Summit showcased groundbreaking advancements in educational technology, focusing on personalized learning experiences, intelligent degree planning, and enhanced integration capabilities. This blog post will provide an overview of the key takeaways and innovations presented at the event.

Supporting Agility with Modernized and Modular Systems

Salesforce emphasized the importance of modernizing educational systems at a pace that suits individual institutional needs. The modular approach allows for incremental updates and configurations, ensuring that schools can adopt new technologies without overhauling their existing systems and business processes entirely.

Empowering Student Success with AI

Two standout Salesforce Education Cloud tools introduced at the summit were Intelligent Degree Planning and Skills Generator. These tools are designed to help students chart a clear and personalized path to graduation. With Intelligent Degree Planning, students and advisors can create tailored degree plans that not only track progress in real time but also adapt based on the student’s pace and changing needs. Meanwhile, the Skills Generator leverages AI to analyze course content and extract market-relevant skills, which are then clearly listed to aid students in translating academic experiences into resume-worthy qualifications.

Another powerful feature that was introduced is Einstein Mentorship Summaries, which will support mentor matching. This initiative aims to pair students with mentors based on their interests, career goals, and skills. By leveraging AI, students can find programs and life goals aligned with their passions, providing a clear roadmap to help achieve them.

Streamlining Operations with Data Cloud and AI Copilots

The introduction of the Data Cloud for Education marks a significant leap forward in data integration, allowing educational institutions to unify disparate data sources into a cohesive model. This holistic view enables more precise predictions and interventions, particularly in student enrollment and retention. Furthermore, the Einstein Copilot Recruitment & Admissions Actions tool employs conversational AI to provide quick, relevant responses to prospective students’ inquiries, thereby enhancing the enrollment experience.

Supporting Faculty and Reducing Administrative Burdens

In addition to tools focused on student-facing improvements, Salesforce also unveiled solutions aimed at supporting faculty and administrative staff. The new generative AI capabilities are engineered to automate mundane tasks such as scheduling, reporting, and student assessments, thus allowing staff to dedicate more time to student interaction and personalized education.

A Commitment to Ethical AI Use in Education

During the summit, Salesforce emphasized its commitment to ethical AI, ensuring that these new tools not only enhance educational outcomes but do so in a manner that is fair, transparent, and equitable. This approach is particularly crucial as educational institutions continue to navigate the complexities of digital transformation.

Addressing Cost Concerns

One pressing question from attendees was the higher cost of the Education Cloud compared to the traditional Education Data Architecture (EDA) models. The conference provided insights on how institutions can justify the business case by emphasizing the long-term benefits and efficiencies gained through advanced features and improved student outcomes. We are eager to see if Salesforce will begin offering more attractive bundled pricing, making it easier for more institutions to justify the premium pricing.


The 2024 Salesforce Education Summit highlighted Salesforce’s commitment to advancing educational technology through personalized, AI-driven solutions and robust integrations. As institutions navigate these innovations, they must balance modernizing at their own pace while addressing the unique challenges of implementation and cost. The future of education looks promising with these cutting-edge tools designed to enhance the learning experience and operational efficiency. This conference was a reminder that the path to modernizing education is a journey that requires thoughtful integration, continuous improvement, and a focus on the individual needs of institutions and their students. As Salesforce urges institutions to modernize by migrating to Education Cloud and hints at expanded core student functionality, we will be watching to see if Salesforce delivers on its roadmap and if institutions consider going all in with Salesforce’s vision for a future-proof, extensible technology stack.

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