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Instructional Technology and Student Success: A Rich Relationship

Kelly Walsh became CIO of The College of Westchester in 2008 after a 20-year career in technology. That background made him a natural to explore the relationship between instructional technology and student success. Because he wanted to understand the classroom experience and how the technology could enhance it, Walsh took up teaching, plunged himself into social media, and talked with educators. He created content about learning paired with technology to share with others. Walsh is a writer, the founder and author of EmergingEdTech.com and closely aligned with Flipped Learning Network (FLN). You’ll understand his enthusiasm for this space when you listen to this podcast.

Highlights include:

  • Development of a texting interface that spiked student engagement
  • Reverse instruction through Flipped Classroom
  • Augmented and virtual reality usage in coursework
  • Digital tools and resources for faculty, in addition to students
  • Campus acceptance and speed to adoption

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