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“As an organization that caters solely to the needs of
colleges and universities, Evisions wanted an equally
specialized and highly knowledgeable firm.”



In early 2017, Evisions searched for a strategic partner that could add to its breadth and depth of knowledge in the higher education market. While the organization was finding success in higher education, the California-based solution provider was looking for an authoritative and collaborative partner that would help them compete in a market that was more demanding than ever. Eager to grow its market share, the team began re-thinking the question: how does our company best compete in the higher education technology market? Evisions sought a bridge between business ideas and business capabilities. Essentially a strategic partner that could help validate strategy and provide critical information on the market. They decided that partner should be an analyst firm.

Taking action, Evisions began to search for and discuss how to choose the best analyst firm amongst their leadership team. Choosing to work with an analyst firm is a significant investment and a strategic decision, and Evisions was determined to invest in the firm they predicted could provide them with the best return. As an organization that caters solely to the needs of colleges and universities, Evisions wanted an equally specialized and highly knowledgeable firm. We needed someone “who could help keep a constant finger on the pulse of the higher education market,” said a marketing and sales Evisions representative. Therefore, a firm that will not only provide insights but will help answer questions like: “what trends or shifting priorities are we seeing in the market? How could we adapt to best solve these needs?” Ultimately, Evisions decided upon Tambellini Group (Tambellini) as its analyst firm because it “offered a cradle to grave solution to help Evisions in all aspects, not just sales and marketing.”

Insights, Collaboration, and Results

By selecting Tambellini as its analyst firm, Evisions has garnered:

360° Market Perspective

Evisions sought to broaden its market view beyond its active clients and industry, giving them the ability to draw conclusions from a bigger market perspective. Tambellini offers additional perspective to what Evisions can source on its own client and non-client insight gathered from a trusted third party. “Hearing from Tambellini market research analysts about what’s happening behind the scenes has proven incredibly valuable,” said an Evisions representative in Client Success. “A client won’t tell you exactly why they left or why our services weren’t selected. Tambellini gets the full story.”

Unbiased Insight

To best inform decision-making, the Evisions team needs data-driven information. Tambellini’s mission to deliver unbiased higher education insights that can help determine strategic business decisions was a match for the organization. The behind-the-scenes insight from Tambellini “is a testament to their ability to distill collected product information and share it without revealing any secrets.” Described by an Evisions representative as excellent detectives, the Tambellini analysts can speak on the reality of the market, reveal unknown perspectives to solution providers’ teams, and provide context to assumptions.

Indirect Strategic Approach Advisement

Establishing a partnership with an analyst firm meant collaborating and being aware of market changes in real-time to drive the decision-making process and investment decisions. The insights received via Tambellini through analyst calls allowed Evisions to react, compare, plan, and mitigate risk. Evisions sends out the information provided by Tambellini’s Strategic Advisors to keep key decision-makers informed of new research and to supplement their knowledge. In the long run, Evisions can use Tambellini’s research to validate assumptions made and go back to assumptions worth re-examining.


Tambellini’s collection of higher education insights helps to strategically mold Evisions’ approach by keeping the team informed about emerging trends, getting an outside perspective of the market, and tapping into unbiased opinion. These insights, “layered on top of Evisions foundation of knowledge, are powerful” and lead to success in products, sales, and client experience.


Product refinement is possible through the higher education insight provided by Tambellini analysts. Through Tambellini analysis, Evisions can navigate client feedback and drive product improvements.


In addition to insight, Tambellini’s sales enablement workshops provided Evisions with the appropriate knowledge to better drive sales-related decisions. Becoming aware of institutional feedback on what competitors are doing and what they are missing is advantageous to Evisions’ overall sales strategy.

Client Experience

A solution provider’s approach to the market influences its active and potential client list. Tambellini’s partnership introduces an institutional perspective and allows solution providers to communicate appropriately. This was especially helpful to Evisions after the COVID-19 pandemic. Tambellini was able to provide guidance and help Evisions introduce an empathetic market approach that assisted with the retention of their clients.

For Evisions, Tambellini makes competitive analysis easier and provides an outlook across the whole spectrum of fundamental market issues. The team’s relationship with its Tambellini Strategic Advisor introduced an open line of communication that continues to grow more valuable with each interaction. To Evisions, insights are powerful tools used to help make decisions and drive revenue. They must come from an analyst firm with unparalleled expertise and experience.”Tambellini analysts, and where they come from, let them bring real-life experience to our inquiries. They are names we can trust.”

“Hearing from Tambellini market research analysts about what’s happening behind the scenes has proven incredibly valuable.”

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