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Make Your Campus Smart Infographic

The Tambellini Group is the lead sponsor of an upcoming event where higher education professionals, just like you, will learn how blockchain, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, and mobility can benefit your institutions and constituents. It’s the Smart Campus East Conference on April 24–25 in Philadelphia.

Tambellini realizes the importance of these emerging technologies and their impact on academia, which is why we are making a big investment into this study.

Great news for Tambellini members—there is no registration fee! Just click here to register. For additional event details, visit this page.

Let’s get smart together.

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Columnist: Jessica Angsomwine - Tambellini Analyst
As research associate, Jessica Angsomwine, researches, authors and publishes reports, blogs, and podcasts focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and related topics. As Director of Events, bringing years of experience producing higher education technology conferences, Ms. Angsomwine will manage onsite and virtual events for the Education Conference Network (ECN). The Tambellini Group will be a major sponsor of four ECN conferences yearly.
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