A Path to Revolutionize Your Campus with Big Data Infographic

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Top of Mind: Path to Revolutionize Your Campus with Big Data
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Co-Columnist: Michele Cummins – Tambellini Analyst

It is not enough to collect data from disparate locations, mine metrics and report. It’s everything to achieve actionable analytics and drive results. This infographic highlights Tambellini’s research findings—based on interviews with institutions that have successfully deployed enterprise data warehouses—and provides practical first steps to organizations thinking about deploying a data warehouse. Gain insight about data warehouse trends within higher education, best practices, and key take-aways.

There is so much more to share on the evolving state of data warehousing. Visit our other big data publications: Data Warehouse Best Practices and Building an Enterprise Analytics and BI Practice in Higher Education.

Tambellini Infographic: Path to Revolutionize Your Campus with Big Data

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Senior Analyst
As a senior analyst for Tambellini Group, Mary Beth Cahill focuses her research on CRM and advancement initiatives. She has led numerous research efforts, specifically in vendor administrative systems and student information systems (SIS) software solutions, data and learning analytics, CRM, learning management, and social networking. Mary Beth is also the co-author of several published industry reports, including Tambellini Group's "Upgrade or Replace" and "Vendor Review" series of reports.

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Michele Cummins |
Tambellini Author
Michele Cummins, a research associate at Tambellini Group, uses her background in investigative research, modern research methodology, writing, and editing to support Tambellini's ever-expanding research efforts and library of case studies and reports. She has served as a digital content creator and editor and a contributing author and researcher for the NMC Horizon Report series, which analyzed technology uptake across global higher education, K-12 schools, museums, and libraries.

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