Student Analytics: Focusing on a Critical Issue as a Catalyst for Creating a Data Culture

Top of Mind: Focusing on a Critical Issue as a Catalyst for Creating a Data Culture

Institutions have been using terms such as “data driven” and “data informed” with regard to decision making for decades, but, as Tambellini research noted in a recent blog post, the issue of poor data hygiene impedes any meaningful progress for many institutions. So, while many aspire to create a data-informed culture, significantly fewer have the […]

Making the Case Webinar: Enterprise CRM

Enterprise CRM Featured Image

Higher education institutions are looking to Enterprise CRM systems to solve horizontal issues, such as marketing, engagement, communications, and service. Tambellini research shows that over the last 12-18 months, institutions are increasing their emphasis on student engagement, service, and marketing, to drive immediate value through consistent business models and holistic user experiences. Join Tambellini’s Mary […]

Enterprise CRM: Should I Care?

Top of Mind: Enterprise CRM — Should I Care?

Summary In higher education, CRM technology has traditionally been scattered across multiple functional areas for multiple purposes. For a few institutions, looking at CRM more holistically has become an imperative. Why? Should you take this approach? It is not right for every campus, as it can cause unnecessary complications. But for some institutions, the alignment […]

Impact of the Salesforce Acquisition of Slack

Top of Mind: Impact of the Salesforce Acquisition of Slack

In December 2020, Salesforce announced the multibillion-dollar acquisition of Slack. At the time, few details were released regarding how the two companies would operate or the potential impacts of the merger. Roughly seven months later, the acquisition is complete, and the future landscape is more evident. Current State When Salesforce announced the completion of the […]

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