Higher Education CIOs Support Student Success by Easing System Navigation

COVID-19 accelerated and emphasized the need for change, but the movement towards a more holistic and humanizing understanding of student success has been in the works for a long time. By now, most higher education CIOs know that expectations for student success in their institutions are evolving. What was once the purview of faculty, advisors, […]

The Anthology and Blackboard Merger

Top of Mind: The Anthology and Blackboard Merger

On September 10, 2021, Anthology and Blackboard signed a definitive agreement to merge, creating the most comprehensive ecosystem across academic, administrative, and student engagement applications to date. The subsequent press release outlined most of the agreement’s public details, including: Current Anthology Chairman and CEO Jim Milton will serve as Chairman and CEO of the combined company.  Anthology investors Veritas Capital and Leeds […]