Getting the Most Out of Your Technology

Top of Mind: Getting the Most Out of Your Technology

During my time as a university professor in a college of education, I taught several courses on integrating technology into teaching. One of the frameworks discussed often was the SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition) model, which categorizes technology according to its transformative power. Each level within the model represents increased sophistication and ability to make […]

iPaaS in Higher Education: An Nascent Market

Top of Mind: iPaaS in Higher Education

What’s The Problem? Higher education often lags behind other industries in the adoption of new technology. There are multiple reasons for the lag: Technical investment is difficult to justify to institutional leaders without significant research. Time to implement new core technologies is limited, and delivering new functionality is preferred. Changing how we work is difficult […]

Tambellini Group Features Women in Tech Leaders

Tambellini Women in Tech video series

According to research from the American Association of University Women, representation is one of the key factors perpetuating the gender gaps in STEM fields. Progress is slow, and there are still fewer women in STEM roles despite female students outnumbering male students in higher education enrollment for the past decade. With this in mind, in […]

When Numbers Aren’t Enough: The Powerful Combination of Data and Market Expertise

Top of Mind: When Numbers Aren't Enough

Finding information on the higher education technology market can be challenging. It often takes hours to find data and even more hours to draw meaningful conclusions. And while those conclusions can be beneficial to institutional leaders, many times, the numbers just aren’t enough. Mining Public Information vs. Investing in a Research Team When institutions are […]

What Is Workday’s Technology Strategy in 2022?

Top of Mind: Tambellini Insights with Dave Kieffer

Workday recently held an event for industry analysts, the Workday Summit. The event brought together many Workday senior executives (including Aneel Bhusri, Co-Founder, Co-CEO, and Chairman, Pete Schlampp, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)) for a deep set of discussions about the Workday strategy. The topics ranged from the core business to the Workday platform, architecture, and […]

Student System Features Higher Ed CIOs Should Be Considering

Top of Mind: Student System Features Higher Ed CIOs Should Be Considering

As campuses prepare to welcome students back for the fall 2021 term, meeting student needs is more important than ever. COVID-19 highlighted the need for a strong student system with robust features to support all facets of student life, not just record keeping. Tambellini Analyst Dr. Laura Gogia recently shared some student success insights that […]

How Higher Ed CIOs Can Leverage Cloud Service Providers for Strategic Gain

Top of Mind: How Higher Ed CIOs Can Leverage Cloud Service Providers for Strategic Gain

For some time, we have been talking about the trend of developing new commercial applications almost entirely in the cloud. Companies either host their older application code in the cloud or build cloud-native SaaS applications (or both in some cases). Higher education institutions have begun migrating to these new cloud applications, as have most industries, […]

Decreasing the Risk to Security Threats Starts with Sound Data Governance

Top of MInd: Decreasing the Risk to Security Threats Starts with Sound Data Governance

As news breaks on increased cybersecurity threats, CIO leaders often find themselves filling in the gaps and dealing with the most pressing issues regarding data and the possibility of a breach. As noted in a recent article by Inside Higher Ed1, cybersecurity company BlueVoyant published research about the increase in attacks on higher education institutions from […]

The long game: Focusing on the Needs of Others

Top of Mind: Focusing on the Needs of Others

Milos Topic, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Digital Officer at Grand Valley State University, spoke with Kathy Lang, Tambellini’s Vice President of Member Relationships, about solving problems by focusing on the needs of others first. Listen as Kathy and Milos discuss: Greatest influencers for change in learning environments, data analytics, and administrative systems The impact of […]

Data Management: What An Adventure!

Top of Mind: Data Management Adventure

The longer I work in higher education, the more interesting the adventure! During my time in higher education, we have seen the rise and fall of technology solutions, the expansion and consolidation of vendors, and the adaptability and resiliency of institutions and students. More recently, higher education began to discover the benefits of technology advancements […]

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