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Architecting Digital Environments with Bret Ingerman

Tambellini’s Alex Freeman sat down with Bret Ingerman, Vice President for Information Technology at Tallahassee Community College, to discuss enhancing the student experience through technology, replacing Starfish with a homegrown solution, early successes with the Workday Student SIS, and more. Ingerman serves on the Tambellini Executive Advisory Council.

Highlights include:

  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Community colleges
  • Social media
  • Chatbots
  • Starfish
  • Early alert system
  • Workday Student

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Columnist: Alex Freeman - Tambellini Analyst
As a Senior Analyst and Director at The Tambellini Group, Alex Freeman provides direct support to Tambellini members, as well as analysis and insights into global trends within higher education. Mr. Freeman is well versed in learning management systems (LMS), and instructional technology, membership management, and market research. He has served as editor, co-author, and researcher for the NMC Horizon Report series, which analyzed technology uptake across global higher education, K-12 schools, museums, and libraries.
CATEGORIES: Technology Leadership