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Top of Mind Podcast: Have You Heard What They Are Saying?
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The Tambellini Group’s Top of Mind Podcast Series continues to keep pace with the education technology landscape by sharing insights and ideas from today’s higher education technology leaders. Each conversation explores the people and the innovations that continue to shape the way campuses operate and the future of learning.

Catch-up with these episodes to hear how IT leaders are addressing the topics that are driving the biggest conversations on their campus.

Featuring: Keith McIntosh, Vice President for Information Service and Chief Information Officer, University of Richmond

Featuring: Tom Dugas, Assistant Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Duquesne University

Featuring: Hellen Patton, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, The Ohio State University

Featuring: Ellina Chernobilsky, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Caldwell University

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Tambellini Author
As President and COO of Tambellini Group, Katelyn Ilkani leads operations across all internal teams. Bringing over 15 years of technology and leadership experience, Katelyn will serve Tambellini’s hundreds of institutional and vendor clients during an era of rapid evolution in the higher education technology market. Career highlights include time in leadership at IBM and Accenture, as well as building her cyber security start-up.

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