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Position Yourself Well for Positive Change Management

There are studies about how humans tend to resist change and their various reasons why. It’s prevalent, but not much comfort to any higher education executive whose mission is to make enhancements for the good of the institution, which undoubtedly require change. Jim La Creta of Brandeis University found himself within that very delicate balance. Hear how he wrestled with a complex core system implementation and its ongoing change management needs. On the flip side, see how he easily won support by making small, but meaningful changes. In this Top of Mind Podcast also discover the following.

Highlights include:

  • Examples of low hanging fruit with high impact results
  • When to get extra third party support
  • How streamlining services lead to higher levels of support
  • How partnership and project management go hand-in-hand
  • Marketing that can raise visibility and pave inroads for IT departments
Columnist: Katelyn Ilkani - Tambellini Analyst
Katelyn Ilkani is responsible for directing the Cybersecurity Research Practice at The Tambellini Group. Her expertise covers network security, endpoint security, application security, data security, SIEM, people security, and the managed security services providers’ landscape. Ms. Ilkani has been consistently recognized for her contributions in the field of cybersecurity.
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