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Erica Reuter, PhD
Sr Manager, US Public Sector Solutions Engineers

Dr. Erica Reuter is the Leader of Alteryx’s Public Sector Solutions Engineering team.  In this role she assists State, Local and Federal Agencies (as well as Higher Education Institutions) with designing data automation and AI solutions. This includes work predicting injuries for collegiate sports, assisting local and national police departments with crime analytics, data engineering with NASA and a host of other projects. She is a volunteer with the Skull Games countertrafficking task force, Trace Labs ongoing Missing Persons Operations, and the former host of the Podcast “Unsupervised Binge Watching; the (data) science of good television”.

Prior to working as a dedicated technologist in the Public Sector Space, Erica spent 20 years employed in public safety agencies, working in various roles, but concluding as the manager of a crime analysis unit for an outstanding medium sized police department in South Florida.  She holds numerous law enforcement and IT certifications, as well as a Ph.D. In Criminal Justice.  When not researching advancements in law enforcement and how to leverage data science for the betterment of society, Erica spends her volunteering, pretending to be a maker, and spending time with her family.

Higher Education Institutions


Solution Providers & Investors

market insights

Keynote June 17

Katie Drummond, Global Editorial Director, WIRED

Opening Remarks

Ben Nelson, Founder and Board Member, Minerva University

Disrupt or Build? The Innovation Ecology

Dr. Laura Huang, Distinguished Professor, Faculty Director of Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative, Northeastern University; Author, Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage

Navigational Leadership in the Era of Augmented Intelligence

Tom Andriola, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Data, Chief Digital Officer, University of California, Irvine

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