Two Days to Prepare for the Next 10 Years

Through the interactive two-day Future Campus Summit with leaders from industry and higher education, you’ll discover areas where your institution can lead with analytics and AI to build a culture of continuous innovation.

January 17–18, 2024

Balboa Bay Resort
Newport Beach, CA

Keynote Speakers

Navigational Leadership in the Era of Augmented Intelligence

Tom Andriola, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Data, Chief Digital Officer, University of California, Irvine

Disrupt or Build? The Innovation Ecology

Dr. Laura Huang, Distinguished Professor |  Faculty Director of Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative, Northeastern University |  Author of Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage

Space is limited to 100 attendees.

Before You Arrive

You’ll complete an online assessment to measure your institution’s preparedness to apply and scale analytics and artificial intelligence.

While You’re There

You’ll be assigned to a cohort with similar institutions and start mapping your future campus journey through expert-led workshops, panels, and group sessions. You’ll network with other forward-thinking institutional leaders, Tambellini analysts, and industry innovators.

When You Leave

You’ll know the right questions to ask your team to inspire action and initiate change with a personalized guide of concrete next steps to lead a culture of change on your campus. After the Summit, you will have opportunities to remain connected and engaged with your cohort.

Main Room Activities and Sessions

Senior administrative leaders from across your institution are encouraged to attend so you can more easily gain alignment to address key topics, including:

Gain practical knowledge on identifying, analyzing, and leveraging data assets to drive growth, optimize decision-making, and gain a competitive edge in the market, ultimately leading to increased institutional success and financial viability.
Experience how AI advancements are revolutionizing communication, networking, and support services, enabling universities to build deeper relationships, deliver customized experiences, and provide exceptional support for success.
Explore the benefits of adaptive learning, personalized education pathways, and dynamic content delivery. Collaborate with peers to exchange ideas and develop strategies for implementing AI-powered curriculum innovation.


Plenary Panels

Hear how AI technology can revolutionize the way we teach and learn. Our panelists discuss the potential of using generative AI to achieve better student outcomes, increase efficiency, and deliver personalized education.
Learn about the benefits of collaborative initiatives, including how strategic alliances with vendors enable organizations to leverage AI and analytics to drive innovation, gain competitive advantage, and achieve better student outcomes.
Discover the potential of data-driven insights to uncover new opportunities for non-traditional learning program development and expansion, ultimately enabling institutions to meet the demands of today’s rapidly-evolving educational landscape.

Breakout Panels

Gain a deeper understanding of how data-driven insights can optimize space utilization, enhance sustainability efforts, and improve the overall campus experience for constituents.
Dive into the benefits and challenges of quantifying belonging, share best practices for utilizing data to inform inclusive policies and practices, and explore innovative strategies for leveraging data to enhance DEIB initiatives.
Explore the potential of utilizing AI to attract and retain top talent, providing attendees with insights into how generative AI can create a competitive advantage by streamlining and optimizing the recruitment and retention process for faculty and staff.
Learn about the transformative power of advanced analytics to target the right candidates, optimize recruitment strategies, and ultimately create a winning class that aligns with institutional goals and values.
Discover the game-changing role of analytics in reshaping change management strategies. This panel explores how data-driven approaches can revolutionize decision-making processes, enhance collaboration, and enable effective change implementation.
Discover the power of AI in transforming campus operations through a discussion of how AI-driven solutions can reduce operational costs, ultimately creating a more sustainable and efficient campus environment for all.

Interactive Workshops

Our engaging workshops will take a variety of formats from game-inspired to hackathon-style and role-play, and will help you either identify your institution’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats around key areas or design for your future state.
Below are a handful of workshops to give you an idea of what to expect:

Your mission? To identify and address skills gaps in current program offerings and curricula. Learn how to use the power of data-driven analytics to achieve enhanced employment outcomes.
Fuel talent transformation in an exciting pitch competition. Bring your visionary ideas to the forefront, pitch AI driven talent development solutions with expert guidance and feedback, and compete against other passionate leaders.
Gain invaluable experience in utilizing data and analytics to diagnose and unlock new opportunities in your revenue streams. Put your current decision-making skills to the test while developing new strategic decision-making abilities in this interactive game.
Engage in a fast-paced and collaborative design sprint that will ignite your creativity, foster collaboration, and propel you towards innovative solutions that can position your institution for long-term success.
Step into the shoes of an admissions detective in “Recruitment Conundrum,” a game inspired by Clue. Your mission: Solve the mystery of the top three analytics challenges hindering student recruitment.
Discover how data can enable you to think critically and collaboratively about managing a dynamic risk spectrum. Explore the ways in which insights from data analytics can enhance your risk management and equip you with strategies to mitigate threats.

Space is limited to 100 attendees.

Higher Education Institutions


Solution Providers & Investors

market insights
Michael Bisson: Vice President of Student Product Strategy at Workday
Michael Bisson
Vice President, Student Product Strategy
Workday logo

Michael joined Workday in 2013 seeding the Student project team and contributing to its initial architecture and design. Michael led the Product Management team as they designed the core student product and facilitated a three-year customer design partner program. Today, Michael leads the Product Strategy team responsible for determining market fit, competitive market intelligence, and overall product direction. Prior to joining Workday, Michael worked 16 years at Peoplesoft and Oracle in support of the Campus Solutions product in Product Management, Development, and Support. Michael has committed his professional career to the improvement of higher education management through the design and development of Student Information Systems.

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