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Ravneet Chadha
Strategic Advisor
East Point Consulting

As a Strategic Advisor for East Point Consulting, Ravneet plays a key role in assisting with the development of EPC’s higher education-specific analytics product, Intuito. His shared vision is to offer a product designed to solve the data integration problems faced by higher education institutions, offering pre-built data models specifically tailored for use in this sector.

Ravneet’s current focus is helping the University of Arizona evolve from being a data-rich organization to an insights-driven organization. He is working to build a stronger data culture within the organization, leading efforts around data governance, data privacy, and data science.

In his role as Chief Data Officer, Ravneet oversees the University Analytics and Institutional Research (UAIR) team, which is pivotal in developing and maintaining comprehensive data assets that underpin both operational efficiency and strategic innovation. His leadership ensures that these assets are integral to planning, policy-making, and performance measurement across the institution.

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Keynote June 17

Katie Drummond, Global Editorial Director, WIRED

Opening Remarks

Ben Nelson, Founder and Board Member, Minerva University

Disrupt or Build? The Innovation Ecology

Dr. Laura Huang, Distinguished Professor, Faculty Director of Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative, Northeastern University; Author, Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage

Navigational Leadership in the Era of Augmented Intelligence

Tom Andriola, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Data, Chief Digital Officer, University of California, Irvine

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