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Simran Nirh
East Point Consulting

Simran Nirh, President of East Point Consulting, is a solutions-driven leader with over 15 years of experience serving higher education institutions. Throughout his career, he has played a pivotal role in helping clients innovate and advance in nearly every major aspect of university operations, including human resources, finance, research administration, marketing and communications, enrollment management, facilities, and information technology. Simran is deeply committed to service and effective communication, consistently aiding clients in making informed decisions and addressing significant challenges.

Simran has extensive experience implementing innovative solutions and integrating complex systems for both public and private institutions. Over the course of his career he has built a solid track record in strategic planning, data governance, and enterprise data management system implementations. His strategic advice to C-level executives has significantly enhanced institutional efficiency, helping organizations achieve their goals and performance metrics.

Leveraging his vast experience in higher education, Simran developed Intuito, the first analytics and integration solution specifically designed to address the data silos and integration challenges in higher education. Intuito, created with over 60 years of combined higher education expertise, offers pre-built integrations, reports, and dashboards tailored to meet the analytical needs at all levels of a university, making it an ideal solution for institutions struggling with data accessibility and utilization.

Simran holds a master’s degree in Management Information Systems and is dedicated to helping educational institutions leverage data for strategic success and sustainability in a data-driven world.

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