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During the two-day Summit, we are pleased to offer institutional attendees the opportunity to participate in three hands-on workshops. Please choose one workshop from the three available for each time slot. Space is limited for each workshop and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Vendor participants may attend, space permitting. 

Please also register for one of three available Analyst Roundtables on July 26. 

All workshops and roundtables will be held at the Convene at 237 Park Avenue. 

June 26 Workshops | 1:45 – 3:00 p.m.

Choose one workshop from options 1–3

Workshop One: Building an AI-Ready Campus: Infrastructure and Investment

Location: The Library

Preparing your campus’s infrastructure for AI integration, including technology investments and training.

Workshop Two: Automating Administrative Tasks with AI

Location: The Hub

Practical strategies for using AI to streamline administrative processes, from admissions to student services to advancement, assisting your team in working smarter not harder.

Workshop Three: Power your Institutional Performance Management with Data and AI

Location: The Innovation Space

This workshop will focus on practical applications of AI-informed data insights that are within reach today and how those applications can be used to drive long-term sustainability.

June 26 Analyst Roundtables | 4:30 – 5:00 p.m.

Choose one roundtalbe from options 1–3

Roundtable One: Campus IT Infrastructure Requirements for AI

Location: The Library

Delve into the critical role of AI in building a resilient and scalable IT infrastructure. Examine best practices for implementation, security considerations, and future trends.

Facilitator: Bill Allison, Chief Technology Officer, University of California-Berkeley;
Dave Kieffer, Principal Analyst, Tambellini Group;
Jessica Thomas, Senior Analyst, Tambellini Group.

Roundtable Two: Data Ethics and Privacy in AI Applications

Location: The Innovation Space

Discuss navigating the ethical dimensions of AI usage in education, including data privacy, bias mitigation, and ensuring equitable outcomes for all students.

Facilitators: Jodie Penrod, Chief Information Officer, Marshall University;
Alpha Ibrahim, Senior Analyst and Lead Data Scientist, Tambellini Group;
Trevor Skelton, Analyst and Junior Data Scientist, Tambellini Group.

Roundtable Three: The Future of Work: Preparing Graduates with AI Skills

Location: The Hub

Investigate how higher education can adapt curricula to include AI and data literacy, ensuring students are equipped for the evolving demands of the job market.

Facilitators: J. Scott Angle, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of Florida;
Matthew Winn, Senior Analyst, Tambellini Group.

June 27 | 11:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Workshops

Choose one workshop from options 4-6

Workshop Four: Determining the Role of Data Modeling for AI

Location: The Innovation Space

What is the role of good data, what data matters in being able to leverage AI, and how can AI supercharge data insights?

Workshop Five: Leveraging AI for Curriculum Management

Location: The Hub

Explore AI’s impact on curriculum lifecycles through an increasing ability to deliver program adaptability and alignment with future job markets. Understand what’s possible when the power of AI supports your program and market alignment.

Workshop Six: AI in Student Recruitment and Retention

Location: The Library

Utilizing AI to enhance student recruitment strategies and improve retention rates through personalized interventions.

June 27 | 2:00 – 3:15 p.m. Workshops

Choose one workshop from options 7-9

Workshop Seven: AI Tools for Engaging Students

Location: The Hub

Exploration of AI tools to make the student experience more engaging and personalized.

Workshop Eight: Fostering Collaborative AI Research and Innovation

Location: The Innovation Space

Building partnerships for AI research and innovation, featuring case studies of successful collaborations.

Workshop Nine: Future-Proofing Higher Education: Strategic Decisions for Sustainability and Impact

Location: The Library

Shift the focus from short-term, tool-based responses to a strategic, long-term outlook by cultivating a culture that values longitudinal data as a cornerstone of institutional strategy.

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Michael Bisson: Vice President of Student Product Strategy at Workday
Michael Bisson
Vice President, Student Product Strategy
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Michael joined Workday in 2013 seeding the Student project team and contributing to its initial architecture and design. Michael led the Product Management team as they designed the core student product and facilitated a three-year customer design partner program. Today, Michael leads the Product Strategy team responsible for determining market fit, competitive market intelligence, and overall product direction. Prior to joining Workday, Michael worked 16 years at Peoplesoft and Oracle in support of the Campus Solutions product in Product Management, Development, and Support. Michael has committed his professional career to the improvement of higher education management through the design and development of Student Information Systems.

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