Tambellini Takeaways: 2021 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

Top of Mind: Tambellini Takeaways from 2021 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

The 2021 EDUCAUSE annual conference was held in Philadelphia last week. There were far fewer attendees than usual because of the pandemic, and the small numbers moving through the convention center created an eerie but also intimate effect. Long conversations, deep reflections, hard questions, and honest responses were the norm. These engagements led to our […]

Higher Education CIOs Support Student Success by Easing System Navigation

COVID-19 accelerated and emphasized the need for change, but the movement towards a more holistic and humanizing understanding of student success has been in the works for a long time. By now, most higher education CIOs know that expectations for student success in their institutions are evolving. What was once the purview of faculty, advisors, […]

Student System Features Higher Ed CIOs Should Be Considering

Top of Mind: Student System Features Higher Ed CIOs Should Be Considering

As campuses prepare to welcome students back for the fall 2021 term, meeting student needs is more important than ever. COVID-19 highlighted the need for a strong student system with robust features to support all facets of student life, not just record keeping. Tambellini Analyst Dr. Laura Gogia recently shared some student success insights that […]

How Higher Education IT Leaders Contribute to Humanized Learning

Top of Mind: How Higher Education IT Leaders Contribute to Humanized Learning

For the last year, humanized learning has been top of mind at many higher education institutions. As I’ve written previously, it is not a new concept. The teaching and learning literature is brimming with resources, ranging from philosophical treatises to practical guides. Historically and currently, most educators and campus leaders use humanized learning to describe […]

Rebuilding Student-Institution Trust after Online Proctoring

Top of Mind: Rebuilding Student-Institution Trust after Online Proctoring

When higher education shut down due to COVID-19 in spring 2020, the capacity to provide quality remote instruction varied widely within and across institutions. Diverse and complex social, economic, and physical factors made the transition to distance learning easier for some students than for others. Not surprisingly, tensions between displaced students and their institutions emerged […]

The Iron Triangle of Ed-Tech

Top of Mind: The Iron Triangle of Ed-Tech

Last week, I had the privilege to participate in a panel discussion at the 23rd International Conference of the SAP Higher Education and Research User Group. Joined by Jose Escamilla (Tecnologico de Monterrey), Malcolm Woodfield (SAP), and moderator Jill Mikros (The Johns Hopkins University), the panel explored the impact of COVID on higher education pedagogy […]

Hiding in Plain Sight: Online Proctoring as ‘Just Another Feature’

Top of Mind: Online Proctoring as ‘Just Another Feature’

Even as institutions distance themselves from online proctoring platforms, the same technologies and functionality are emerging in other digital learning tools. Arguably, online proctoring platforms are the most controversial educational technologies in use on higher education campuses today. Student rights advocates have long voiced accessibility, equity, and privacy concerns about online proctoring, and its use […]

Record, Don’t Store: Advice for IT Leaders on Classroom Lecture Capture

Top of Mind: Advice for IT Leaders on Classroom Lecture Capture

As more faculty are recording and uploading every class lecture, IT leaders must advocate for quality over quantity—or face the consequences A year after higher education pivoted to remote instruction, video learning remains at the forefront of teaching and learning. The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published an advice piece in which the professor-author describes […]

Hybrid Is Not the New Normal

Top of Mind: Hybrid is not the New Normal

This winter, I’ve been struck by how often I’ve heard that “hybrid is the new normal” for higher education.[1] EdTech vendor briefings are a common source, typically in the context of new or improved synchronous learning technology. Industry tends to define hybrid more broadly than institutions to include formal and informal combinations of asynchronous, synchronous, […]

Online Proctoring: A Call for Action for Academic Technology Leaders

Top of Mind: Online Proctoring

When COVID-19 first forced higher education institutions to adopt remote instruction, many colleges and universities prioritized online proctoring solutions among their academic technology needs. In April, an EDUCAUSE quick poll reported that 77 percent of responding institutions had already adopted online proctoring solutions or were planning to adopt them in the near future. This finding […]